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Handy knows we all dread that feeling when you finally have some time to yourself, but there are still the household chores to do. Do you start tackling them now or do you just kick your feet up and relax? You know the longer you leave it, the worse it is going to get, and the longer it is going to take. If you want to minimise the time your weekly house clean takes (and let’s face it, everyone does), we have compiled these helpful tips to maintain a clean home without much struggle.

When you have guests on the way, there is no need to panic, as if you stick to a simple plan, you will only need a few minutes to have your entire home looking like you just spent an entire week scrubbing it! However, if this is your first time giving your home the all-important “once over” in quite a while, follow this home cleaning plan to get the job done quickly. Trash First The first step is to work your way from room to room putting everything where it belongs. This essentially means putting all of the trash in the trash can. While you are clearing all of the unnecessary clutter, be sure that you straighten things up, as it is the most logical time to do so. Put things where you would like them, and begin moving things that you will need to sweep or mop under. This prepares each room for the coming steps in the process.

Clean From the Top Down It is time to start the actual “cleaning process”. Because you are now dusting and wiping things down, remember that everything you dust will likely either catch in your duster, on your towel or fall to the floor. This is fine, as we’ll address the floor later, but sweeping before you dust will add extra steps to your process, as you’ll have to do it again once you have finished with this step. This is an important part of home maintenance, and when conducted regularly, it will take only a few moments to clean your home. Wipe Down the Glass Now that shelving has been taking care of, it is time to clean the windows, television screens, or entertainment center doors. With a bit of glass cleaner and some towels, this shouldn’t take long at all. Give every pane of glass a decent once over. This should take some minutes per room, and because glass is something that everyone notices, the shine will enhance the appearance of each room. Tackle the Floors Now that all of the dust and grime has either been shaken out with your duster or wiped to the floor, it’s time to sweep, mop, and vacuum.

Use the same room order as before, as it will help you get into the habit of a home cleaning process that is efficient and memorized. Now that your home cleaning operation has concluded, you have a clean home that provides a fresh start for your future cleaning habits. If home maintenance is something that you struggle with, consider the use of a cleaning service. You can find packages online that handle all of the light cleaning for a reasonable cost, ensuring that your home is a welcoming environment for friends and family. In the end, you’ll have a residence that you can be proud of, and you needn’t panic when you get the dreaded phone call that your mother-in-law will be over in fifteen minutes!

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