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Here’s What You Should Know When You Want To Clean Your Basement

Here’s What You Should Know When You Want To Clean Your Basement

Neglected basements are so much more common than what most homeowners think. Before you even realize it this part of the home ends up incredibly dirty. A regularly used for storage part of the home is bound to be dirty but it should not be too dirty as it can become a health hazard.

In many cases homeowners end up overwhelmed. The basement is so dirty that only a quality house cleaning service can get the job done right. This is normally a good idea to start with but you may also want to learn some things that we are going to list. Go through them as there are so many cleaning tasks that you can go through yourself.

Cleaning Your Basement

Get Rid Of The Junk

This is by far the most important thing when you want to clean your basement, especially if the area is used mainly for storage. You need to find the motivation needed to actually sort through everything there. This does mean you need to take your time. You want to arrange everything in boxes and basically throw everything you need, recycle or donate. It is recommended to get 3 large storage boxes and put what you keep in one, things you donate in another and things you want to throw out in the last one. When you do not use something you have, do consider donating instead of throwing away as some people will have use of it.

Start Organizing

Try to organize those things that you are going to keep. You can figure out your own way to do this. As an example, some people put every single family keepsake in a single bin while moving the decorations to another one. Filing units can be used for the older documents. No matter what organization method you choose, be sure that you add labels. This will help out much more than what you may think at the moment.

Start Dusting

Most people only dust the visible areas. This is not a good idea. Cobwebs are often seen in basements and quite a lot of dust ends up accumulating. Be sure you are careful with the corners and the ceiling as these areas are often overlooked.


When a concrete floor is present, any shop vacuum can be used in order to collect debris and dirt. They are always going to be better than the broom or the dustpan. If the basement has carpets, vacuum your floors only after you remove allergens and debris present.

Mopping The Floor

With a concrete surface you just need some warm water and add detergent. Nylon brushes are really good to wipe your floors. Just make sure that you use warm water to then rinse and that you then vac up all the excess water that may remain.

Getting Rid Of The Smell

In many basements we have a musty smells that appears over time. You want to get rid of it so do open all the windows, if present. When not you will need some fans that would be able to improve air circulation. A good dehumidifier is also a very good investment when the moisture is too high.

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