How To Choose The Perfect Coffee Table

Side table, end table, cocktail table, coffee table—whatever name you prefer we all need somewhere near our seating to conveniently place our coffee, tea, water and cocktails. Even somewhere to set books, magazines, mobile electronics and snacks. Depending on where they are placed in your room you may even utilize your cocktail tables to place home accessories. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your next TMF 家匠 cocktail table.


One of the first things you must consider is what type of look you are searching for. There are so many options to choose from including size, shape, material, color, and style. Some opt for traditional end tables that can blend in with just about any design aesthetic, but you might prefer to make more of a statement.


While your primary goal may be to have a bit more surface area, consider fulfilling more than one of your furniture or storage needs. Many cocktail tables have drawers, shelves, and lids that keep your remote control and other room essentials out of sight. Keep things organized by adding decorative storage boxes to your shelves.

TMF 家匠

Multipurpose Ottomans

You can even find cocktail ottomans that have an upholstered lid that can flip over and be a sturdy drink holder—with a storage compartment underneath. This means you have a foot rest, seat, storage, and cocktail table in one. Ottomans are also easy to move from one room to the next while entertaining friends and family.

Statement Piece

Traditional coffee tables are designed to easily mix and match without competing with your statement wall, rug, or couch. However, you can also select a coffee table that is the statement piece of your room. While your end tables might match, your larger table could have a contemporary glass top, intricate gold base, rugged farmhouse finish, or can be the base for a statement work of art.

Cocktail And Dining Table In One

If you don’t have room for a full-sized dining table, your cocktail table can serve a dual purpose. Select a table you can store poufs or mini-stools underneath, or that is a comfortable height if you want to sit on the floor on an oversized throw pillow to dine.

Many Tables For Many Needs

Depending on the layout of your room, you might require more than the standard set of two end tables and one coffee table. If your seating is spread out or you have a variety of seating options, then you will need a variety of tables. Keep the color, shape, height and style of the end tables similar, and consider a statement coffee table.

Finally, feel free to think outside of the box with a repurposed or upcycled trunk, drum, sled, or handcrafted cocktail table.

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Cleaning Your Home Efficiently

Handy knows we all dread that feeling when you finally have some time to yourself, but there are still the household chores to do. Do you start tackling them now or do you just kick your feet up and relax? You know the longer you leave it, the worse it is going to get, and the longer it is going to take. If you want to minimise the time your weekly house clean takes (and let’s face it, everyone does), we have compiled these helpful tips to maintain a clean home without much struggle.

When you have guests on the way, there is no need to panic, as if you stick to a simple plan, you will only need a few minutes to have your entire home looking like you just spent an entire week scrubbing it! However, if this is your first time giving your home the all-important “once over” in quite a while, follow this home cleaning plan to get the job done quickly. Trash First The first step is to work your way from room to room putting everything where it belongs. This essentially means putting all of the trash in the trash can. While you are clearing all of the unnecessary clutter, be sure that you straighten things up, as it is the most logical time to do so. Put things where you would like them, and begin moving things that you will need to sweep or mop under. This prepares each room for the coming steps in the process.

Clean From the Top Down It is time to start the actual “cleaning process”. Because you are now dusting and wiping things down, remember that everything you dust will likely either catch in your duster, on your towel or fall to the floor. This is fine, as we’ll address the floor later, but sweeping before you dust will add extra steps to your process, as you’ll have to do it again once you have finished with this step. This is an important part of home maintenance, and when conducted regularly, it will take only a few moments to clean your home. Wipe Down the Glass Now that shelving has been taking care of, it is time to clean the windows, television screens, or entertainment center doors. With a bit of glass cleaner and some towels, this shouldn’t take long at all. Give every pane of glass a decent once over. This should take some minutes per room, and because glass is something that everyone notices, the shine will enhance the appearance of each room. Tackle the Floors Now that all of the dust and grime has either been shaken out with your duster or wiped to the floor, it’s time to sweep, mop, and vacuum.

Use the same room order as before, as it will help you get into the habit of a home cleaning process that is efficient and memorized. Now that your home cleaning operation has concluded, you have a clean home that provides a fresh start for your future cleaning habits. If home maintenance is something that you struggle with, consider the use of a cleaning service. You can find packages online that handle all of the light cleaning for a reasonable cost, ensuring that your home is a welcoming environment for friends and family. In the end, you’ll have a residence that you can be proud of, and you needn’t panic when you get the dreaded phone call that your mother-in-law will be over in fifteen minutes!

Your Guide for a Delhi to Udaipur Trip

Udaipur, the city of Dawn,is known for its romance and beauty.Come to Udaipur,and you will fall love with the stunning landscape and palaces adorning the place. If you are coming from Delhi, its best to book Udaipur hotels in advance. Get drenched in the interesting monuments the lush green hills of the Aravalis.

How to Reach

Udaipur is comfortably approachable via all the means of transport including air, rail,and road. It is connected towell-planned bus services. The train connections are also direct followed by direct flights from Delhi. So if you are coming from the National Capital of India to the Rajasthani city, the distance is of approximately 650 kms by road. It’s a 12-hourjourney by train and a 14-hourjourney by bus.

Places to Visit

Udaipur is all about appreciating the manmade beauty and is full of experiences. There a few things to see in Udaipur that lets you relive royalty. City Palace remains the first and foremost stop which symbolizes Rajput and Mughal architecture. The kit is the most beautiful structures of Rajasthan built entirely of granite and marble. Lake Pichola is the second stop which is truly the lifeline of Udaipur and the oldest lake of Rajasthan. The love for the city will increase two folds with a sunset tour around the lake. Jag Mandir, located on an island on Lake Pichola is a famous wedding destination.Saheliyonki Bari meaning Garden of the Maids lays north of the city. It has a lotus pool and marble elephants that adorn the garden area. The Jagdish temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu is the most iconic landmark of Udaipur. Lake Fatehgarh is another lake situated to the north of Lake Pichola. The hills are on the three sides of the lake and the Pratap Memorial on the fourth side.


Udaipur is famous for the local cuisines of Rajasthan like DaalBaatiChurma,Pyaz Kachori, GattekiSabzi. Apart from this, the spicy snacks like mirchbada are also the menu of the major restaurants of Udaipur. There are many rooftop diners with whimsical views of the Pichola Lake. The city is known for street food. Most of the joints offer both vegetarianandnon vegetarianfood. It is a great place to wine and dine with your family and friends.


Udaipur is a must do activity place with a lot of vibrant and colourful markets.  A wide array of trinkets and other accessories flung the markets of the city. Most of the shops are located around the City Palace. Udaipur is notorious for handicrafts that are amazing. The bestselling items include gemstone paintings, silver items, sculptures, textiles, dazzling stones, and many more marble items. A good bargain in a new city is a skill which you need to accomplish.


The hotels in Udaipur cater to a variety of needs. The city of Lakes is brimming with homestays and palace hotels. Book Udaipur hotels ranging from the luxury palaces to the budget accommodations. So whether you are coming from Delhi for a vacation or for a business trip, there is no lack of settlement available for you. In a nutshell, the quality varies dramatically. Most of the hotels are situated on Lake Pichola. For the budget travelers, it’s not necessary to book in advance. Most of the hotels are located around the lake giving you the alluring views of the scenic beauty.

Udaipur is definitely bliss for architecture lovers. The impressive monuments and the palaces surely cast a spell on you. The hustle and bustle of the city will make you appreciate the beauty of Rajasthan.

Electrical Symptoms Telling You That You Have To Contact An Electrician

Contrary to popular belief, whenever you do not know much about electrical work you do have to contact professionals. Generally speaking, in most cases it is necessary to contact a first class electrician whenever there is some work that has to be done on electrical systems. This is especially true in the event you are faced with some serious problems since failure to properly solve them can lead to dangerous situations in the future.

The big problem in most cases is to know when the electrician has to be contacted. With this in mind, here are some symptoms that your electrical system has to be checked by a professional.

Fuses Blow And Circuit Breakers Trip Often

You want to contact the electrician because there is most likely a serious problem that you know nothing about. Repeatedly replacing your fuses and resetting the circuit breakers are signs that the electrical systems consume too much current when compared to what can safely be fed. The problem may be dangerous and in many cases there are actually many circuits that are damaged.

Home Elecetric Wiring

Lights Change Intensity When Using Appliances

In this case you most likely need a skilled, experienced and qualified electrician because of the fact there are some appliances that are causing problems. Dealing with them requires advanced knowledge. Also, your entire electrical system has to be checked so that it is guaranteed that the system is going to offer as much electricity as is needed for the appliances to work properly, no matter how many lights are turned on. Sometimes dedicated circuits are often needed for the problematic appliances.

Power Points Are Overloaded

The great thing with modern systems used with electrical setups in homes is that it is easy to monitor the power consumption. If you have such a system installed and you notice that power points are often overloaded, you have to contact a professional in order to check everything. This is important for making the entire home safer, which is definitely a priority for all homeowners.

Electrical Cords And Wires Are Improperly Set Up

In so many homes we see that electrical cords are placed under rugs or along skirting boards. Wires are exposed and there are different areas that basically show some exposed electrical components. Whenever you have something like this in your home you want to contact the electrician so that additional outlets would be installed. This is going to improve overall home appearance and enhance safety at the same time.

Not Having Three Prong Grounded Plugs

Whenever old plugs are present in your home, normally because the property is older, you want to replace them with more modern three prong grounded options. Not having a grounded system is potentially fatal in some situations. You do not want anyone inside the home to be injured simply because the grounding was not properly done when the home was initially built.

On the whole, do be sure that you first consider contacting an electrician. You do not want to joke with something that is potentially fatal.

Here’s What You Should Know When You Want To Clean Your Basement

Neglected basements are so much more common than what most homeowners think. Before you even realize it this part of the home ends up incredibly dirty. A regularly used for storage part of the home is bound to be dirty but it should not be too dirty as it can become a health hazard.

In many cases homeowners end up overwhelmed. The basement is so dirty that only a quality house cleaning service can get the job done right. This is normally a good idea to start with but you may also want to learn some things that we are going to list. Go through them as there are so many cleaning tasks that you can go through yourself.

Cleaning Your Basement

Get Rid Of The Junk

This is by far the most important thing when you want to clean your basement, especially if the area is used mainly for storage. You need to find the motivation needed to actually sort through everything there. This does mean you need to take your time. You want to arrange everything in boxes and basically throw everything you need, recycle or donate. It is recommended to get 3 large storage boxes and put what you keep in one, things you donate in another and things you want to throw out in the last one. When you do not use something you have, do consider donating instead of throwing away as some people will have use of it.

Start Organizing

Try to organize those things that you are going to keep. You can figure out your own way to do this. As an example, some people put every single family keepsake in a single bin while moving the decorations to another one. Filing units can be used for the older documents. No matter what organization method you choose, be sure that you add labels. This will help out much more than what you may think at the moment.

Start Dusting

Most people only dust the visible areas. This is not a good idea. Cobwebs are often seen in basements and quite a lot of dust ends up accumulating. Be sure you are careful with the corners and the ceiling as these areas are often overlooked.


When a concrete floor is present, any shop vacuum can be used in order to collect debris and dirt. They are always going to be better than the broom or the dustpan. If the basement has carpets, vacuum your floors only after you remove allergens and debris present.

Mopping The Floor

With a concrete surface you just need some warm water and add detergent. Nylon brushes are really good to wipe your floors. Just make sure that you use warm water to then rinse and that you then vac up all the excess water that may remain.

Getting Rid Of The Smell

In many basements we have a musty smells that appears over time. You want to get rid of it so do open all the windows, if present. When not you will need some fans that would be able to improve air circulation. A good dehumidifier is also a very good investment when the moisture is too high.